Monday, July 1, 2013

Great Thinkers On Great Questions, Roy Abraham Varghese(Ed.)

Looking at the title of the book, and the blurb at the back of it, I expected a book that took hotly debated questions, threw them at "great thinkers" and then gathered up what came out.

If I reviewed the book based on these criterion, I would say that the book failed spectacularly.

It's quite obvious that certain viewpoints and theories have been left out, but at the same time, questions are being asked of the "great thinkers" that relate to viewpoints not found in the book.

And if I review the book for what it really is, a book aiming to provide Christian answers to Christian questions, it still falls short of the mark.

Reading the book, I feel as though I'm listening to half of a conversation, as if I'm in a room with a person talking on the telephone. It sounds as if they are having quite a discussion but I'm unable to hear what the other person on the line is saying.

If I were a Christian searching for answers, reading the book would only leave me with more questions.

I wouldn't recommend this book at all, whatever your beliefs.

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